Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Calculation of the generator capacity needed by a user requires specialty and depends on various factors.You can get help from our expert engineers.

You can inform Katana about your requests for all kinds of engine, alternator and generator spare parts of Katana brand generators and you can get information and price offer about them.

Please remember that a number of factors can shorten the intervals described in said schedules: operation startup frequency, operation time, load level, quality of lubricants and fuel used, ambient temperature, dirty-dusty environment, etc. Responsibility for timely maintenance, check and replacement of consumables (lubricant, filters, V-belts, antifreeze, injectors, etc.) remains with the user. You are recommended to arrange a general check, adjustment and test every 2 or 3 months. General maintenance must be made and lubricants and filters must be replaced once a year even if the operation hours described in the schedule has not elapsed. Furthermore, you should test your generator under load for 10 to 15 minutes once a week.

All Katana products are warranted against part and manufacturing faults. Please contact your dealer for detailed information about the terms and scope of warranty

Every generator set must be tested under load for 10 minutes at least once a week. If you will not use your generator for a long time, please perform the instructions given in the about storage. Storage is very important for the service life of generators and must be performed by an authorized service shop. After storage for a long time, the generator must be prepared for operation by an authorized service. This is especially important in terms of its warranty.

Generators can contain different units and options depending on their brand.
Main units are:
•Daily fuel tank
•Control panel
•Transfer panel

Running a generator above the capacity rating indicated on its label is as much wrong as running it
below related capacity rating, because its service life might be shortened and it might suffer serious
This is especially true for generators having large capacity ratings.
Minimum load allowed for standby generator sets is 30% of its total rating.
The following problems might happen if a generator runs without load or under low load:
•Its exhaust and air suction system might suffer lubricant or fluid leaks
•Carbon deposits might accumulate on its cylinder liners or exhaust manifold
•Parts of its engine might be damaged due to wear
•Lubricant might get thinned to cause the lubrication quality to decrease
•White smoke might be emitted

Exhausts, bodies and fans of all generator sets emit a noise. Depending on the type of the site where the generator is installed, certain measures are necessary. Acoustic insulation cabins provided by Katana are an optimum solution to ensure maximum noise control.

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